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PMC and STS Collaborate to Expand on Submersible Depth and Level Transmitters

PMC and STS Collaborate to Expand on Submersible Depth and Level Transmitters

When working in the water and wastewater industries, a submersible depth and level transmitter will likely be a critical device. These instruments offer exact readings, take continuous level readings, and are used in tanks of any size. Submersible transmitters provide many advantages over the average fluid switches, and here’s how.

About PMC, STS, and the Collaboration

PMC has been providing solutions for level measurement since 1963. Their VersaLine transmitters are based on more than 30 years of design development to provide reliable products customized for the demands of long-term monitoring for groundwater and wastewater.

STS has provided similar products to the European market for over 25 years.

PMC Engineering and Sensor Technik Sirnach AG (STS) have combined a comprehensive range of pressure transmitters and transductors for the North American market. STS has combined its technology and products to expand the product offering to include such valuable features as rangeability, digital outputs, data logging, and small size.

Together they have developed a comprehensive range of accessories such as sink weights, cable hangers, termination boxes, and maintenance for breather connections.

With manufacturing in Switzerland and the United States, the combination provides the user with Swiss precision, on-time deliveries, and U.S.-based knowledgeable and experienced personnel. It is a win for the industries that need solutions for depth & level.


The transmitter offers long-term monitoring of ground surface, wastewater, and seawater. Typical applications are small-sized boreholes, wells, dams, irrigation, sewage lift stations, rivers, and oceanography. The technology was created as a solution for the following applications.

  • Surface water
  • Dams and Rivers
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Irrigation

The Technology Used

When creating the products, PMC and STS used core technology:

  • Piezoresistive Silicon Sensor is a high-stability chip physically and electrically isolated from the process media with an isolation diaphragm.
  • Analog and Digital communication
  • Custom ruggedized cable
  • Re-Rangeable and Datalogging
  • Ceramic Capacitive Sensor Technology is ideal for wastewater applications and external pressures. It is perfect for flush-mount installations to avoid clogging.
  • Titanium provides immunity to virtually all environments, mainly seawater or other chemicals unsuitable for stainless steel.

Exceptional Products and Services for Your Businesses Needs

SRP control systems provide products, services, technical knowledge & calibration solutions to numerous industries. As the sole distributor in Canada, we work very closely with PMC and STS to provide our customers with the best technology and products. Let us help you in optimizing your equipment to fit your specific needs.

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