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A Guide to Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

A Guide to Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Since the start of the pandemic, the talk of creating and releasing a vaccine against COVID-19 has been our nation’s top priority and concern. Now that multiple vaccines have been made available, it is essential to understand the steps to proper storage. While vaccines help prevent people from getting sick, they only work if stored inaccurate temperatures, making temperature monitoring within labs a critical factor.


Storage Affects Potency:

Vaccines, in general, are a delicate matter and can lose their effectiveness and potency when exposed to specific environments. Some factors that impact the effectiveness of the vaccines are exposure to light or temperatures outside the requirements of the vaccine’s protocol. Thus, safe storage and temperature control for COVID-19 vaccines are crucial to ensure efficiency and protection against the virus.

The vaccines must be refrigerated between the temperatures of 2°C – 8°C. Any lower temperature and the vaccine can have irreversible damage. 0°C is considered damageable and irreversible, although many vaccines may not appear to have changed in their state. For this reason, temperature monitoring devices and annual inspections of the devices are essential in storing vaccines to ensure the accuracy of the temperature in which they are kept. Temperature monitoring devices should always be calibrated within ±1°C accuracy since devices can lose their precision over time.


Storage Equipment Options:

Pharmaceutical-grade refrigerators for the storage of vaccines are the preferred storage equipment. Monitoring the internal temperatures of the vaccines is made easier using purpose-built refrigerators. Using a domestic and bar refrigerator calls for uncertainty, frequent modifications, and constant monitoring.

Pharmaceutical-grade refrigerators have constant air circulation allowing for evenly distributed temperature throughout the refrigerator. This means an internal temperature of 2°C – 8°C is maintained and prevents the occurrence of freezing vaccines. The temperature recovery system is rapid and includes a recorder of climate, making storing much safer and more convenient.

The PGC 7000 Series Reach-In Chambers is an excellent option for storing vaccines. In this series, the chambers are made with precision and quality. The series includes low-watt density heaters, which contribute to the unit’s long life and consist of a free logging software system. The interior of the chambers is made with very durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This series also includes extended ranges, chart recorders, outer door windows, or clear inner doors with optional iris openings.

Another great alternative to storage equipment is the PGC Walk-In Rooms which offer the stability and customization needed for vaccine storage. PGC’s Walk-In units achieve excellence in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries with unsurpassed humidity performance, superb temperature stability, flexibility of operation, and increased measurement options.


Digital Data Logging Roles:

A digital data logger is the most common type of monitoring device. A data logger can aid with temperature collection and note when it was out of the advised ranges. They also have alarms so that they can notify the key person in charge if the temperature is out of range.

Data loggers are used inside refrigeration and transport units as the vaccines get shipped out.

Data loggers should receive calibration every two to three years to check for accuracy. The calibration is not only for the data but the passing of calibration testing and temperature uncertainty testing. The temperature uncertainty must be less than ±1°C.


Need Help with Equipment or Calibrations?

Precise and storage for vaccines are critical to ensure 100% accuracy for the immunizations to protect individuals from the COVID-19 virus. They can only be used to ensure successful distribution to the masses through proper procedures, protocols, equipment, and calibration.

For over 40 years, SRP Control Systems has been offering its expertise in calibration services and providing various equipment for numerous industries. If you or your company have any questions or concerns about temperature monitoring and equipment, please contact us today!

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