When a Water Pump Approaches Retirement Age

When a Water Pump Approaches Retirement Age

The problems reported in a recent news story from West Virginia are similar to those suffered in many areas of the country in the past.  There is a need for improved equipment, but little or no funds to cover the cost.  Now the district is left with a faulty water pump, which is spewing water from a rather significant leak, and that is supposed to feed water to the homes of more than a thousand people.

Fortunately, a full scale replacement may not be necessary, and if that is the case, the district will likely find it much easier to come up with the funds needed to get the pump back to proper working order.  With this renovation, it would be a very wise decision to include some sophisticated controls.

The SRP controls company supplies advanced controls solution options for all the controls needs of districts like this. With so many customers relying on the water pump system, the controls would add a significant value.  In this situation, pressure switches like the Noshok 100 series would be a great addition to the system, for monitoring discharge and suction pressures of the system’s pump.

With this data facility personal can determine if the pump’s performance is good enough to supply the town with domestic water.  That also means that the district would have time to raise capital for the replacement of a pump, should a drop in pressure become a consistent problem. Also, the pressure switch can alert the operators if there is a dramatic, sudden failure.

Temperature sensor like the Ultra Electronics spring loaded RTD could also be used to determine if there is an issue with the pump, or if freezing conditions are present. With proper repairs and these possible upgrades, the folks from the district could very likely rest easy, knowing that the issue was fixed and that their water supply would be fully functional for the foreseeable future.