What is the Jobi App?

Working as an HVAC technician?  Running an HVAC business? There’s an app for that!

We recently happened upon an article, after hearing the team Jobi come up a couple of times, and it was interesting to see what all of the talk was about.  The Jobi app, according to its creators, is going to revolutionize the HVAC market, or at least the way that the companies offering such services are run.

The smartphone (or tablet) add-on is supposed to streamline the job process for HVAC service teams, by making it simpler to manage the business end and freeing up more time for the installation, inspection, and maintenance work.  A plumber, for instance, might start a company, hire on a couple of guys, buy a couple of work vans, and outfit them for the basic jobs that might be encountered.  Suddenly, he has a business to run, but all the plumbing experience in the world doesn’t necessarily equate to an understanding of how plumbing businesses are run.  Similarly, the same could be said of the HVAC tech turned HVAC business owner.  The concept behind the Jobi app is quite simple – by streamlining all of the business processes in a single app, the plumber or the HVAC tech can spend less time stressing and more time working in the field.

According to the app’s description, it is meant to help with everything from quoting jobs to dispatching teams, from scheduling to invoicing and payment.  The app even integrates with Quickbooks and tracks customer calls.

With the HVAC, sensors and controls markets growing so rapidly, it is an excellent time for HVAC technicians to break out on their own, starting their own small fleets.  With this sort of support on the business end, it can be a realistic dream for a larger number of technicians.