Warming Bathroom Floors with Electric Radiant

Warming Bathroom Floors with Electric Radiant

Whether for a home renovation project, new dormitory construction, or to enhance the experience for gym-goers, electric radiant can be a great way to improve the comfort in a bathroom space.

Bathrooms can be very tricky spaces to figure out for homeowners and commercial property owners as well.  Because they aren’t constantly occupied, it can be tempting to set the heat back, but this leads to a very uncomfortable experience for those using the restroom, showering, or grooming.

Many homeowners and some commercial property owners are starting to embrace the advantages of electric heated floors in these spaces, as a result of the problem mentioned above.  They don’t want to pay large sums to have the HVAC system maintain a comfortable temperature in a space that is only occupied for minutes at a time, but they also desire a level of comfort for those moments when a visit to the bathroom is necessary.

These mats, which are installed beneath the desired flooring material, typically produce enough heat to maintain a comfortable temperature in the space for little added monthly expense.  The added bonus is the fact that the floor is kept warm. Because the bathroom, particularly in a home or dormitory, is a space that commonly welcomes bare feet, the warmth is very welcome.

Like other forms of electric heat, the mats can be controlled by wall-hung thermostat, so you can choose the desired temperature that should be maintained.  It is even possible to select a smart thermostat that can be programmed to automatically lower the temperature in the space when it is least likely to be occupied – overnight, during work hours, etc.

If you are doing a bathroom, whole home, or commercial construction project, it is certainly worth discussing this, sensors and controls, and the many other options that are available for reducing energy consumption in the space.