Warmer Temperatures Earlier in the Year Causing Schools Trouble

Warmer Temperatures Earlier in the Year Causing Schools Trouble

This isn’t the time of year when one thinks about an excess of heat in a space, but there are some school districts that are already starting to sweat the potential of just that sort of problem.

Many schools throughout the country have not been outfitted with cooling systems, because the kids are not enrolled during the summer months.  Therefore, the buildings are not occupied during the times of the year when the excessive heat would make the space intolerable.

However, many districts have found that those rules no longer apply.  Not only are many of those districts offering summer services these days, but temperatures are far less predictable.  Several areas of the country have set record high temperatures already this year. Should that trend continue into the spring months, many schools will find that their students, teachers, and faculty are complaining of being too hot during the day.  It’s not just record high temperatures that are leading to these issues, but also record snow falls.  The bad weather results in schools using too many snow days throughout the year.  That, in turn, means that they must add more days to the end of the school year, leaving the kids in school well into the hotter time of the year.

It’s bad enough to deal with a lack of cooling, but what if the systems for heating never shut down? This is not an uncommon problem, believe it or not. Most schools need to run there heating systems year round in order to produce domestic hotwater, and to provide steam to kitchens for cleaning applications.

If there is a faulty controller calling for heating, or a valve that is not completely closing, hot water and steam could be causing even more discomfort for the students.  And, that’s not the only problem.  That can result in a lot of unnecessary energy consumption

Duct mounted temperature sensors, pressure sensors installed in the piping systems, and room temperature sensors can all help to keep a cooling and heating system operating properly. SRP Controls offers a wide range of temperature- and pressure sensing devices that can help your school’s facility operate properly.  That means added comfort throughout the year, as well as money saved.