Upgrading New HVAC Systems

When purchasing a new heating system, it is often assumed that what comes out of the figurative box is going to be perfectly efficient because it is brand new.  However, anyone who has worked in the HVAC field for any length of time knows that this is certainly not always the case.  The space must be properly matched to the system installed and even still there is often room for improvement, even for a brand new system.

According to an article that we read recently, upgrades are necessary more than nine times out of ten, in order to get the best possible performance out of the HVAC system.  Whether or not that figure is accurate, it is true that new systems can often be enhanced with added sensors and controls.

It’s not just about sensors and controls off course.  There is often room for additional return duct capacity.  Some systems will require better- or more air filters.  There will undoubtedly be spaces that could benefit from additional supply ducts.  Fan speeds may need to be manually adjusted.  And, these are just a few of the improvements that can be made from day one.

An HVAC contractor that understands where these upgrades might be necessary and how to implement them can provide a much more valuable service to the property owner.  A knowledge of sensors and controls is certainly a good place to start.  There are many that can make a great impact on the safety and efficiency of such a system and can even reduce the need for added ductwork and manually adjusted fan speed.  With the right controls, air flow can be automatically regulated, fan speed can be automatically modified to meet the needs of various spaces within the building.  Once you have the understanding of how they can be used, where they are to be placed within the system, and how to actually install them, you can find everything you need at SRP Controls.