The Truth of Upgraded HVAC Systems in American Schools

The Truth of Upgraded HVAC Systems in American Schools

We recently read an article about the aging HVAC systems that exist in most schools around the country.  The author talked about how some children are forced to bring two sweatshirts to school, or to wear their coats in their classrooms, because during the coldest months, the HVAC systems can’t keep up, and the classroom temperatures can drop in the 50s.

The trouble is that many schools have put off necessary repairs and upgrades, fearing that the upfront expense will be too much for the budget to bear. Yet, some of these systems date back to the 1950s and 60s.  They are old, outdated, and running with very poor efficiency.

This is a hot topic as many schools that were built in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and even the 80’s.  Their systems are due for major overhauls, and this particularly applies to the HVAC systems. It’s not just about the possibility of those systems failing.  Very often, the school budgets are stretched thing, but much of that problem could be alleviated, if they weren’t forced to spend so much to keep the buildings at comfortable temperatures.

The latest technologies that are available far surpass the existing systems in user controls, efficiency, and durability.  In many cases, the school districts would make the money back in only a few years’ time.  Even if it takes a decade or two, it may sound like a long span of time, but when you stop and think that the existing systems are forty, fifty-, or even sixty years old, the payback time is really minuscule in comparison. And, in some cases, the systems that aren’t as old, can be outfitted with upgraded sensors and controls, which means better efficiency, and an even shorter payoff schedule.

New temperature sensor, humidity sensors, and pressure sensors can be strategically installed on new systems to properly control, and maintain comfortable working environments. Students can concentrate on learning, rather than being too cold or too hot in the classroom. SRP Controls Company specializes in these types of sensors. With newly installed sensors, HVAC equipment, and building automation systems, these schools can enjoy another 30 years of teaching in comfort.