Tips for Homeowners Trying to Get the Most of HVAC This Time of Year

Tips for Homeowners Trying to Get the Most of HVAC This Time of Year

This can be a very challenging time of year for homeowners trying to keep their utility costs down.  The constantly fluctuating temperatures can make it very difficult to know when to turn the heat on and what to set the desired temperatures for.  In order to help homeowners avoid costly mistakes, we offer the following advice.

#1. Don’t Crank the Heat We completely understand the desire for instant heat.  Theses late shoulder months can take us by surprise and that can mean homeowners rising in the morning to a shockingly cold space.  While we understand that you want to get the home warm as quickly as possible, turning the thermostat all the way up to seventy-eight or eighty degrees is not going to achieve the desired results.  But, it could end up costing you more money if you fail to turn it back down.  Instead, set the temperature within your comfort zone (68 to 72 for most homeowners) and be patient.  The space won’t heat faster just because you turn the temperature up further.

#2 Avoid Major Temperature Swings Many homeowners make the mistake of turning their thermostat settings way down at night, but this means that the system has to work harder in the morning to bring the space back up to the desired daytime temperature.  You can use a programmable thermostat or manually turn the temperature down before bed, but only reduce it by a few degrees to maximize the efficiency of your system.

#3. Don’t Close the Curtains At night, that is fine, but if your curtains are closed during the day, you are missing out on a free source of heat that could greatly reduce the amount spent on heating your home.

#4. Talk to a HVAC Professional About Upgrading Your System The majority of homeowners don’t need a whole new system, but could cut heating expenses by retrofitting existing systems with new sensors and controls.