The Reminder of the Importance of HVAC Systems

The Reminder of the Importance of HVAC Systems

A US city is facing a major problem related to HVAC failure.  Should repairs be deemed necessary (which they most definitely will be), the city could be faced with a bill totaling more than $350,000.

Emergency repairs will soon be underway, though the hope is that the problem can be isolated, as the damage was to an underground loop system.  Without quick maintenance, the facility may not be able to provide heat or cooling to the city hall, which would most definitely cause shut downs.  Fortunately, there were reserve funds accessible to the city officials, so the repairs were approved immediately.  The bad news, of course, is that this could turn into a much large project if the problem cannot be isolated.  According to estimates, the price tag on this job could climb as high as $350,000- $400,000 if the worst case scenario is met with.

The biggest concern is the Information Technology (IT) department operating within the city hall.  The spaces are carefully temperature controlled.  Failure to be able to maintain these conditions could have a devastating impact on the equipment and the city.

This story demonstrates quite well how important HVAC systems are to our way of life.  The essential nature of these systems stems much further than many would know.  The potential risk to the IT infrastructure is a perfect example of that fact.  Temporary shut downs of the facility because the comfort of the employees cannot be ensured would be troubling, but the damage to the infrastructure could prove irreversible, extremely expensive, and harmful to the city’s operation.

Of course, much of the controlling of such environments can be attributed to specialized sensors of controls. SRP provides sensors that are essential for properly controlling HVAC systems, such as duct mounted temperature sensors, room temperature sensors, and outdoor air sensors. All of these sensors help control room temperatures while aiding the systems in efficient operation.

Despite the vast importance of these systems, they are often overlooked.  Repairs and updates are pushed out as far as possible, often leading to unexpected issues like that currently being suffered.  Had the city approved the repairs for this year, instead of putting them off until 2017, this might have been avoided.