The Money Making Potential of Factory Maintenance

The Money Making Potential of Factory Maintenance

  • Output: 0/4 to 20 mA, on max. 600 Ω load in source mode
  • V min. 5 V at 0 Ω load V max. 30 V in sink mode, current limited at 22 mA or 0/1 to 5 V or 0/2 to 10 V signal, limited at 11 V.
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C, relative humidity max 90 % non condensing, up to 35°C.
  • Storage Temperature: -45°C to 80°C.

We see people from all walks of life in need of various controls for their HVAC and electrical systems, testing equipment, and climate controlled inspection areas. However, some of those individuals are obviously enjoying a more prosperous way of life. We find it interesting to review the different ‘highest paid’ lists within the industry. One of the more recent was a piece about maintenance in manufacturing plants. Of the jobs included on this list, the following ranked at the top.

Maintenance Manager As in most fields, management is among the best paid. However, this does require a combination of talents, including an understanding of the technical areas of maintaining the manufacturing plant, and an ability to lead others. However, when one can showcase a skill for both, the pay generally falls in the range of $80,000-$100,000. These positions can involve keeping the machines running, and the workers on task, but may also involve an understanding of the mechanicals that operate the plant.

Reliability Engineer Engineers as well are often near the top of the pay scale, and this particular area of engineering can earn as much as the management. It’s all about understanding the machines, knowing the tools that indicate how well they are performing, and ensuring that they continue to run properly.

Maintenance Technicians and Specialists It takes a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the machinery, the inspection equipment, the climate control rooms, etcetera in order to troubleshoot unexpected problems. That’s why the maintenance technicians and specialists are well paid for their input. These professionals, who may be employees of the plant, but more often do work for numerous operations on an ‘as needed’ basis, generally earn between $25 and $35 dollars per hour. At forty hours per week, that’s an annual salary of 52,000-$73,000, and earns them a spot very near the top of this list.