The Intricacies of Temperature, Part 1

The Intricacies of Temperature, Part 1

What’s the temperature outside?  It’s one of the most fundamental questions you ask every morning.  It determines whether you go out of the house with a coat on or not, or whether you go with short sleeves instead.  If the temperature is a few degrees off of what you expected, it’s not the end of the world.  However, that’s just with the weather.  In many other situations, especially in industry, precise temperature measurements are absolutely critical.  Fortunately, SRP Control has the equipment needed to meet all of your temperature measuring needs.

Thermal Imaging – Thermal imaging systems can measure temperature from a distance and create a visual representation of it.  This is ideal for measuring temperatures in areas where there may be fluctuations in a given space.

Air Sensors – Traditional thermometers can be distorted from a variety of factors including wind, sun, and precipitation.  The air sensors available from SRP Control can factor out those elements and provide a real measure of the surrounding air temperature.  Our sensors can be used in inside, outside, or even inside ductwork.

Direct Immersion – These types of gauges can be immersed in a fluid to obtain an accurate reading.  These are particularly useful with foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals or anywhere where corrosion is a concern.  SRP Control has many different kinds of direct immersion temperature gauges that can be fitted in a variety of ways that will best suit your needs.

Smart Infrared – The Optris MS Smart Infrared Thermometers are capable of measuring the temperatures for objects as small as 13 mm.  Simply locate the object you wish to measure, point the device at it, and press the trigger.  Instantly, you are able to record the temperature of the given object.

These are just a few of the temperature-measuring options available through SRP Control.  There are even more devices available for perusal on our website.