The Importance of Sanitary Measuring Equipment

The Importance of Sanitary Measuring Equipment

If you own a production company that makes any kind of food or drink product, you know the importance of sanitation.  Any kind of contamination to the ingredients can result in a completely ruined batch, which can cause a loss of product or even a complete shutdown in the operation while the contaminated equipment is cleaned.  Food production companies have a financial incentive to keep their products sanitary but also a social responsibility for the safety of the consumer.  For this reason, everything from the containers to the mixing equipment must be 100% sanitary and safe for the production process.  That includes any kind of measuring device as well.

Keeping It Clean

There a number of reasons to be concerned about sanitation with measuring devices.  First, anything that could potentially corrode can contaminate a food or drink.  Rust and other particles could be inadvertently mixed in with the substance, and that’s simply unacceptable.  Also, one must consider how the measuring device is to be used.  It must be properly designed so that it can measure the substance without the user or the surrounding environment causing contamination.  If a device is cumbersome to use, a careless worker might knock a contaminant into a container while trying to use it.

A Tool for Every Job

SRP Control offers a wide selection of measuring devices that are appropriate for sanitary situations.  From temperature and pressure to depth and flow rate, the measuring equipment that SRP Control provides will certainly be safe for your company’s use.  Many of our sanitary measuring devices use sanitary cap fittings and connection heads to eliminate any potential for corrosion.  Additionally, high quality metals and plastics are used that will not break down and that can withstand high pressures and temperatures without possibility of contaminating a given medium.