The Importance of Good Instrumentation

The Importance of Good Instrumentation

Increased automation in the workplace has led to remarkable technological advances.  However, with this rise in automation has come an increased concern for worker safety, and this concern is justified.  In the early days of industry, machinery was relatively simple and easy to operate.  Over time, however, the process has become much more complicated.  Trained personnel are required to operate most heavy machinery, to say nothing of the people who need to be trained to repair it.  When working with such heavy and dangerous equipment, getting accurate measurements can be a very difficult process.  This is why instrumentation is so important.

The Dangers

Because of the number of processes involved in modern machines, accurate instrumentation is needed to ensure that everything is operating properly.  Most cars have a few gauges on the dashboard so that you know if your gas or oil level is running low.  That saves you the trouble of having to physically measure them.  Most of the other gauges are automated.  You, the driver, are only notified when something is wrong.  Heavy equipment isn’t like that.  Operators must be aware of dozens of factors at a moment’s notice.  The temperature, pressure, fluid level, position, and flow may all be important to keep track of.   Failing to have accurate readings could result in critical injuries to personnel.

The Solutions

Accurate instrumentation ensures that all of the processes in workplace are being monitored constantly and consistently.  Not only does this improve worker safety but it improves the consistency of your business as well by ensuring that the processes are always the same on any day of the year.  That way, your clients know that your company is trustworthy, dependable, and above all, safe.