The Benefits of New HVAC Training for Women

The Benefits of New HVAC Training for Women

Since the invention of the very first HVAC systems, the career field has been dominated by men.  This in no way indicates that women are incapable of doing the work, nor that they would be less suited to problem solving when HVAC problems arise.  In fact, this industry could benefit from the inclusion of more well-trained women.  With the continued improvements to technology, this industry is in desperate need of forward-thinking, technically-minded, well-educated workers.  And, it doesn’t matter at all if they are men or women.

This is certainly the thought driving the new training program being offered in Wyoming.  A leading player in the HVAC market has decided that offering a program for women could encourage more of the female workforce to consider this industry for their own professional paths. And, thus far, they have had great success, easily securing work for those who have completed the training program, and providing the local employers with a larger talent pool than was known in the past.

Women, after all represent approximately half of the workforce in this country. By tapping into that pool, HVAC companies can get more of the high quality help that they need in the office and in the field.

In fact, the company that organized this training program believes that some of those who complete the course will be the future HVAC company owners and managers.  Many of those who have enrolled have had business experience in other field.   With proper training in regards to the various equipment, system designs, installation practices, and typical troubleshooting processes, the women can use that business experience to transition into positions of power in the HVAC field.

Some of the women interviewed about their experience with the training and subsequent time in the field have admitted that there were challenges that came with breaking into a predominately male workforce, but also welcomed the work.  Many found it to be a very rewarding career change, which is excellent news for the industry as a whole.