Testing and Cleaning HVAC Systems for Improved Efficiency

Testing and Cleaning HVAC Systems for Improved Efficiency

A recent article that we happened across discussed the use of ‘Blue Boxes’, apply named for their cases, the cleaning systems are really transforming the level of efficiency achieved by large scale HVAC systems.

For many years, the coils within HVAC systems were a problem area.  Over time, they would collect dust and debris that would cut down on the systems overall efficiency.  There simply wasn’t an effective way to ensure the grime could be removed.  This is where the blue box comes into play.

Keeping up with maintenance on HVAC systems is imperative. In order to have a clean, energy efficient system, the coils need to be cleaned, filters changed, and sensors checked. One of the main culprits, whenever there are complaints of an inefficient HVAC system, is lack of maintenance. This article touched on one of the things that can be done to help maximize the efficiency of the system, and there is no denying that the blue box has made coil cleaning easier and more though.

With temperature sensors giving erroneous readings, a heating and cooling system can do what many technicians refer to as ‘chasing its tail’. In other words, if a sensor that controls supply air temperatures to a space is inaccurate, the controls could be calling for more cooling or heating than is really necessary.  The system will continually be chasing the set point temperature of the space served, because the faulty sensor is reading the wrong temperature.

The dirty coils, the faulty sensors, there are just a couple of reasons why it is imperative that performing regular maintenance is essential.  Much like the Blue Box helps technicians clean coils, there are hand held devices that can be used to test the accuracy of temperature sensors. SRP controls can supply the testing devices as well as replacement sensors, in order to get your system back to maximum efficiency.