SRP Control is Excited to Hear About HVAC Education in Public Schools

SRP Control is Excited to Hear About HVAC Education in Public Schools

Teaching the next generation of HVAC technicians is essential to the growth and sustainability of the HVAC market.  Without qualified, reliable, hardworking technicians equipment cannot be installed, and maintained properly. But, the education is a bit more complicated now than it once was.  For one thing, it is difficult to entice young people to consider careers in this field.  And, that means more has to be done to help teenagers and young adults understand the possibilities and the benefits that are available within the HVAC community.

Furthermore, the HVAC marketing has been in a very rapid state of evolution over the past several years.  New technologies, changing consumer demands, and the eco-friendly movement have led to rapid and notable changes to the various systems, controls, and sensors that a technician would be asked to install and maintain.

These advances in controls and systems could be thwarted if the young up-and-comers are not properly trained from the start.  Without educated workers, the industry could miss out on the valuable insight on what improvements can and should be made to existing technologies.  Installers, system designers, technicians, and all players in this industry help to drive the future advancements.

The SRP Controls team understands the importance of proper education for HVAC technicians as well as anyone because they supply all the equipment these technicians use in the field every day. With a wide array of pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors, SRP Control Systems arms the HVAC technician with the tools they need to successfully provide functional HVAC systems.  So, we were very pleased to read about a movement that could place these educational opportunities in the public school system.

This could give kids the chance to explore what the field has to offer, and would provide them the education that they needed to get a start as an HVAC professional.