Sick of the Temperature Yo-Yo in Your Space?

Sick of the Temperature Yo-Yo in Your Space?

This is a common complaint among businesses who operate within large commercial spaces.  When large areas are on a single zone, especially when those spaces are divided by walls and doors, it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable environment throughout.

Often the zones of a heating and cooling system are larger than they should be.  Or, construction alters the space, so that there are barriers that cause warm or cool air to be trapped.  That leads to one space reading at 75 degrees, while another room on the same zone is at 67.  Very often, this isn’t just a problem of discomfort, but also inefficiency, as the HVAC pumps an excess of heat or cooling into a space trying to meet the demands.

Essentially, when the issue is trying to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout a large space, there is a need for system balancing.  Rather that completely revamping the entire heating or cooling system, you can simply address the points of failure, by performing a balance.

What does this mean?  In short, it means that you find out where the weak points exist and you address those by adjusting dampers so more- or less air is allowed to flow into a specific space.

By installing something like the Ultra Electronics room air sensor, it is possible to automatically gauge the temperature of a given area within the troubling zone, and to use that information to properly adjust dampers and valves so that all areas of the building are kept at a comfortable temperature.

The air sensors can be placed in several locations throughout the zone, so that the actual temperature at the space is known, and the sensor will then send a message to the dampers or valves, opening them further- or shutting them down depending on the demands of the space.