Should Your Town Have Flow Meters?

Should Your Town Have Flow Meters?

In a recent town meeting, in a small town within the United States, the residents were in an uproar about the town’s decision to install water low meters into the municipal water supply lines. The mandated flow meters would be used to gauge the water usage of each household within the town.

Of course, the residents had two concerns:

#1. Increased Taxes Based on Consumption: The town representatives assured the residents that this was not part of the plan for the flow meters.

#2. Water Restrictions: There was confirmation of potential restrictions on water in the future, particularly in times of severe drought, because of a growing population.

While the residents might fear the change, there is good reason to consider water meters for municipal water supplies.  We’ve seen how troubling droughts can be, and growing populations can really put excessive strain on the water supply.  Flow meters can help gauge how much is being used and can allow the town to limit the water supplies during serious droughts.

Turbine flowmeters can be used for this application, as they are easy to install, affordable, and provide very accurate readings of the flow through the system.  They are so accurate that they can even be used for low flow systems, such as irrigation.  Residents wouldn’t be able to tamper with the settings, so there would be an improved peace of mind that everyone is treated fairly.

So, when sanctions were needed, for the good of the residents, it would be possible to properly monitor use and alert residents when they were nearing the end of their stipulated water allowance.  This could get the area through the drought without major complications.

While the residents might complain about this temporary infringement, they would complain more if they found themselves without water completely.  This makes the project entirely worthwhile.