United Instruments LPCi Portable Low Pressure Calibrator

United Instruments LPCi Portable Low Pressure Calibrator


With measurement accuracy at ±0.0035 in H2O, key features include:

  • 4-Digit Resolution for in H2O (0.0001, programmable to 0.001)
  • Improved Reading Stability (better than ±0.0005 in H2O)
  • Longer Dwell Time Options (up to infinity)
  • Quieter, Smoother Pump Motor (silent operation)
  • Selectable Volume Control (normal or “Magnehelic” modes)
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The United Instruments’ Portable Low Pressure Calibrator (LPCi) is a unique and rugged instrument for calibrating all your pressure sensors in the field. The Portable LPC is housed in a rugged Pelican Case, for true in-situ fieldwork, so as to withstand any stress that it may endure. The uniqueness about the LPC is that there is a microprocessor-controlled motor. The motor is quieter, and smoother. From this motor, there is improved reading and stability. The LPC series of pressure calibration systems are available in four pressure control ranges: ±10″ WC, ±30″ WC, ±150″ WC and ±30 psi diff.