SRP PT 420 Series Low Cost Industrial Transmitter

SRP PT 420 Series Low Cost Industrial Transmitter


  • Ranges 5 through 5,000 psi
  • Stock delivery on most models
  • Gauge or absolute
  • ±0.20% F.S. BSL accuracy
  • 200% proof pressure minimum
  • Operating temperature range: -40oC to +90oC
  • 4-20 mA, two-wire output
  • Intrinsically safe certification
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The PT 420 combines micro-machined silicon diaphragms with fully welded stainless steel pressure ports to provide a highly accurate, stable pressure transmitter with the materials and environmental protection required for industrial applications.

The state-of-the-art silicon sensors incorporate advanced technology derived from the aerospace industry to improve output noise, non-linearity, hysteresis and long-term stability.