Pulsar Guard 2010 Non-Invasive Solids Flow Monitor

Pulsar Guard 2010 Non-Invasive Solids Flow Monitor


  • Burst filter bag detection
  • Detects impending blockages
  • Detects flow and no flow of solids
  • Detects pump cavitation
  • Valve leakage detection
  • Detects Bridging or Rat-holing in silos
  • Material flow/route verification
  • Bearing failure

*SRP control systems ltd. represents Pulsar Process Measurement Inc., in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & the Territories

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The Pulsar Guard 2010 sensor detects structure borne acoustic signals caused by the movement of material. This movement causes impacts and frictional contact with a containing face, for example the inside of a pipe. The sensor is fastened to the outside of the structure, and its high frequency detection picks up these signals, which are often undetectable to the human ear. The high frequency detection allows use in environments where there is a high degree of machinery or process noise, without interference.