Pulsar FlowCERT

Pulsar FlowCERT


Non-Contact Ultrasonic

  • Compact two piece device
  • Digital Echo Processing
  • DATEM Auto Adaptive Obstruction Masking
  • High power and narrow beam angles
  • Easy descriptive menu driven parameters
  • Quick setup menu
  • IP65 / NEMA 4X
  • Data Logging‘Ultra PC’ and ‘Ultra Log’ software available

Model Specific

FlowCERT – One point of measurement

2 x 4-20mA outputs, 5 x relays, data logging.

Open Channel Flow & Level

Related Transducers (other options available)

  • DUET – 2.0m Range

World’s most accurate OCM device, completely immune to the effects of solar radiation.

  • Speedy – +/- 6m/s

Velocity sensor, where no PMD exists.

*SRP control systems ltd. represents Pulsar Process Measurement Inc., in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & the Territories

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Pulsar FlowCERT

Non-Contact Ultrasonic

Pulsar’s FlowCERT is a complete solution for high-accuracy measurement of open channel flows. Teamed with the temperature independent DUET transducer array, FlowCERT achieves the highest possible accuracy in flumes and weirs, and includes 5 alarm or control relays and data logging facilities. Additionally add the Speedy velocity sensor for applications where no (PMD) Primary Measurement device exists.

‘Ultra PC’ software lets you view and download echo profiles and parameters, also allow PC programming. ‘Ultra Log’ software lets you view and download the data logged files.