PGC 7000 Series Reach-In Chamber

PGC 7000 Series Reach-In Chamber


  • RH control constancy of ±0.5%
  • Temperature control constancy of ±0.2°C
  • Various safety cut-offs
  • 316 stainless interior chamber
  • User-friendly digital controller with logging software
  • Extremely stable & uniform environment
  • Maintains superior constancy & uniformity
  • Security & safety
  • Equipment longevity; corrosion resistant
  • Ease of operation
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The PGC 7000 Series chambers feature our unique humidity control system that enables the user to attain unsurpassed levels of RH/temperature control and uniformity. These test chambers are designed to accurately produce those temperature and humidity conditions required for applications such as stability studies, package testing, TAPPI, MIL‑SPEC, and vapor transmission. Applications are found in such diverse industries as pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, electronic components, food, semiconductor, paper and pulp, and wherever precise humidity and temperature replications are required.