PGC 250-400 CFM Conditioning Unit

PGC 250-400 CFM Conditioning Unit


  • Precise temperature & humidity control
  • High grade temperature compensated humidity sensor
  • Stainless steel construction
  • High-low or deviation alarms
  • Compact Package
  • Consistent & accurate results
  • Confidence in the measured condition
  • Durable
  • Security & safety
  • Easy to apply
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PGC’s humidity generating systems are unique. The sources for humidity, dehumidification, heating, cooling, and circulation are all packaged in one self-contained unit. This unit is specifically designed to provide 250-400 CFM of conditioned air to small rooms and reach-in chambers. The conditioner is designed to produce very precise humidity and temperature control. Since this generating unit is self-contained, it can be easily used to condition existing spaces, small walk-in rooms, and custom chambers. The size of this unit allows it to sit on top of existing chambers or rooms and circulate conditioned air through the contained space.