MOD-PD2LH Helios Light / Horn Modification Series

MOD-PD2LH Helios Light / Horn Modification Series


  • Light with Horn Mounted & Wired to Helios
  • Single Lights Available in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, or White
  • Units with One of Five User Selectable Lights Available
  • Units with Three Layered Lights Available
  • Light / Horn Powered Directly from Helios
  • Light / Horn / Reset Button Mounted and Pre-Wired to Helios
  • Light / Horn Programmable for Variety of Reset Functions, Including:
    • Silence Horn at Any Time
    • Light Stays on Until Alarm Clears
  • Light Can Be Wired to Flash (Not Available on MOD-PD2LH5CB1) or Stay Steady On
  • IP 65 Rated
  • 85 dB Horn
  • Operates from -5 to 40°C (23 to 104°F)

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Technical Specifications

Recommended for these Helios Models: PD2-6000, PD2-6001, PD2-6100, PD2-6200, PD2-6300, PD2-6400, PD2-7000. When ordered on other Helios Models user may need to re-wire Light and Horn accessory.

Light Colors:
MOD-PD2LHYB1: Yellow
MOD-PD2LH5CB1: User selectable: red, green, yellow, blue, or white
MOD-PD2LH3LCB1-RYG: 1 layer each of red, yellow, green (consult factory for other colors available).

Light Action: Can be wired to flash (not available on MOD-PD2LH5CB1) or stay steady on

Horn: 85 dB

Rating: IP 65

Light / Horn Independence: Light and horn can be controlled via separate relays

Power Requirement: No additional power required when installed in Helios. When mounted remote: 24 VDC

Transmitter Power Supply: The Helios’s internal transmitter power supply is downgraded from 200 mA when it powers the Light / Horn. To determine the total downgrade, add the currents for the light(s) being used and the horn if used. If more power is needed, then consider the PDA1024-01.
MOD-PD2LH and MOD-PD2LH5CB1 Models:
Example: 17 mA (Red Light) + 20 mA (Horn) = 37 mA total current downgrade from the 200 mA supply. Left over current = 163 mA

Color Downgraded by
Red 17mA
Green 15mA
Yellow 23mA
Blue 15mA
White 42mA
Horn 20mA
Downgraded by each color that is turned on and the horn.
Example: 33 mA (Yellow Light) + 38 mA (Horn) = 71 mA total current downgrade from the 200 mA supply. Left over current = 139 mA
Color Downgraded by
Red 34mA
Green 29mA
Yellow 33mA
Horn 38mA

Reset / Silence Button:NEMA 4X; mounted and wired to F4 terminal on Helios

Reset Button Labels: The Light / Horn accessory comes with 9 pre-printed message labels the user can affix under the red button: RESET, BATCH, ACK, TARE, SILENCE, STOP, START, PAUSE, START/STOP

Light / Horn Mounting connection: M22

Hole Sizes: Light / Horn: 0.875″ (22 mm); Reset Button: 0.630″ (16 mm)

Cable Length: 3.28 feet (1 meter)

Approvals: Installation of the Light / Horn accessory voids the Helios’s UL approval. Helios’s NEMA 4X rating is not affected.

Operating Temperature Range: -5 to 40°C (23 to 104°F)