Michell Instruments Liquidew Series Moisture in Liquid Analyzer

Michell Instruments Liquidew Series Moisture in Liquid Analyzer


  • Retrofit functionality, easy to integrate into existing sampling or distribution systems
  • High integrity moisture in liquid measurement from 0.01 ppmW to saturation point
  • Multi-Channel with up to four completely independent measurement channels
  • Robust design for undisturbed operation in many non-polar liquids over a long time
  • Two 4-20mA configurable outputs and digital Modbus RTU-based communication
  • Replaceable sensor element with Michell Calibration Exchange Service for reliable cost-efficient calibration
  • CSA and ATEX certified explosionproof/EExd
  • Complete hazardous area installation
  • 0.001 ppmW to saturation range capacity
  • Pre-programmed and user entered saturation concentration values
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On-line measurement of moisture content in liquids is accurate, fast and reliable with the Liquidew I.S. & EExd Moisture in Liquid Analyzers from Michell. A wide variety of non-polar liquids can be measured continuously, on-line, including flammable liquids and hazardous area applications, petrochemicals, power industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing.