M-System 53U Multi-Power Monitor

M-System 53U Multi-Power Monitor


  • VT Input: 480 VAC
  • CT Input: 1A, 5A
  • Contact Input: 24 VDC or 110 VDC
  • Analog Output: Accuracy of assigned measurand or ±0.2%, whichever is greater
  • Operating Temperature: -10ºC to 55ºC
  • CSA/UL Approval
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  • Single type module is usable for all single-phase/2-wire and 3-wire, three-phase/3-wire and 4-wire systems
  • All measured variables can be transmitted to the host PC via RS-485 Modbus RTU
  • Energy count pulse or limit alarm output selectable. Pulse rate can be specified. Simulated output is also possible
  • Programming lock to prevent unwanted configuration changes
  • Input rating up to 480 VAC, 1A or 5A