GM International SIL2 Powered Isolating Driver D1020

GM International SIL2 Powered Isolating Driver D1020


  • Input: 0/4-20 mA with ≤ 1.5V voltage drop, reverse polarity protected.
  • Output: 0/4-20 mA, on Max. 600Ω load in source mode; V min. 5V at 0Ω load V Max. 30V in sink mode, current limited at ≈ 23 mA or 0/1 to 5V on internal 250Ω shunt (or 0/2 to 10V on internal 500Ω shunt on request).
  • Temperature: Operating: temperature limits; -20°C to 60°C, relative humidity max 90% non condensing, up to 35°C.
  • Storage: temperature limits; -40°C to 80°C.
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Model D1020

  • SIL2 according to IEC 61508 for Tproof = 3/6 years (10/20% of total SIF)
  • PFDavg (1 year) 3.08 E-04, SFF 82.12%
  • Output to Zone 0 (Zone 20), Division 1, installation in Zone 2, Division 2
  • Wide Band Smart Communication, Hart compatible
  • Field open circuit detection
  • High Accuracy
  • Three port isolation, Input/Output/Supply
  • EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4
  • ATEX, IECEx, UL & C-UL, FM & FM-C, Russian and Ukrainian Certifications
  • Type Approval Certificate DNV A-10169, KR ITA20769-EL001 for marine applications
  • High Reliability, SMD components
  • High Density, two channels per unit
  • Simplified installation using standard DIN Rail and plug-in terminal blocks
  • 250 Vrms (Um) Max. voltage allowed to the instruments associated with the barrier