GM International Repeater Power Supply & Trip Amplifiers

GM International Repeater Power Supply & Trip Amplifiers


  • Input: 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA 2/3-Wires Tx, Smart compatible
  • Output: 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA (source) or 1-5V, 0-5V, 2-10V, 0-10V 2 Independent set points via 2 SPST Relays
  • Temperature: Operating: temperature limits; -20°C to 60°C, relative humidity max 90% non condensing, up to 35°C.
  • Storage: temperature limits; -45°C to 80°C.
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Model D1054

The Single Channel DIN Rail Repeater Power Supply and Trip Amplifier D1054S, provides a fully floating DC supply for energizing conventional two-wire 4-20 mA transmitters, or separately powered 3, 4 wires 4-20, 0-20 mA transmitters located in Hazardous Area, and repeats the current in floating circuit to drive a Safe Area load. Output signal can be direct or reverse. The circuit allows bidirectional communication signals, for Hart-Smart transmitters. Two independent Alarm Trip Amplifiers are also provided. Each alarm energizes, or de-energizes, an SPST relay for high, low, low-startup or burnout alarm functions. The two alarm relays trip points are settable over the entire input signal range.

1 channel I.S. analog input for 2 wires loop powered or separately powered Smart transmitters, provides 3 port isolation (input/output/supply) and current (source mode) or voltage output signal. In addition it provides two SPST relay alarm contacts with adjustable alarm trip point.