GM International Model D1031 Switch/Proximity Detector Repeater

GM International Model D1031 Switch/Proximity Detector Repeater


  • Input: Voltage free Contact, Proximity Switch Line fault detection
  • Output: 4 SPST (relay contact) + LED (fault status)
  • Supply: 10-30 VDC
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Model D1031
The Switch/Proximity Detector Repeater type D1031 is a DIN Rail unit configurable with two or four independent channels. The unit can be configured for contact or proximity detector, NO or NC and for NO or NC optocoupled open collector transistor output. Each channel enables a Safe Area load to be controlled by a switch, or a proximity detector, located in Hazardous Area. D1031Q quad channel type has four independent input channels and actuates the corresponding output transistor. Two actuation modes can be independently DIP switch configured on each input channel: NO In/NC transistor or NO In/NO transistor. Contact or proximity sensor and its connection line short or open circuit fault detection is also DIP switch configurable: fault detection can be enabled (in case of fault de-energizes the corresponding output transistor and turns on the fault LED) or be disabled (in case of fault the corresponding output transistor repeats the input line open or closed status as configured).
Double channel version D1031D also available.