GM International Load Cell/Strain Gauge Bridge Isolating Repeater

GM International Load Cell/Strain Gauge Bridge Isolating Repeater


  • Input: Up to 4, 350Ω, 6-Wires Load Cells in parallel.
  • Output: Transparent input repeater.
  • Temperature: Operating: temperature limits; -20°C to 60°C, relative humidity max 90% non condensing, up to 35°C.
  • Storage: temperature limits; -45°C to 80°C.
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Model D1063
The Single Channel DIN Rail Load Cell/Strain Gauge Bridge Isolating Repeater D1063S acts as a transparent galvanic isolated interface installed between a weighing indicator in Safe Area and a load cell (or group of load cells) in Hazardous Area; it appears at the terminals of the indicator as a single load cell equivalent to the one in the field. Provides a fully floating power supply voltage with remote sensing capability to load cell located in Hazardous Area and repeats, while isolating, the mV signal output to drive a load in Safe Area depending on the host system reference voltage. Up to four 350Ω load cells, or six 450Ω load cells, or twelve 1000Ω load cells can be connected in parallel. Voltage reference (Safe Area side) is DIP switch configurable to select internal or external (host system) supply. In addition a field wiring fault red LED indicates any wire break in the Hazardous Area side.
1 channel I.S. input from strain gauge signals, provides 3 port isolation (input/output/supply) and repeats, as a transparent unit, bridge signal output.