GM International Intrinsically Safe 5V Supply Module

GM International Intrinsically Safe 5V Supply Module


  • Output: Voltage: 5 VDC ±3%. Current: 0 to 160 mA
  • Voltage regulation: ≤0.2% for a 0 to 160 mA load change.
  • Output ripple: ≤20 mVrms.
  • Temperature: Operating: temperature limits; -20°C to 60ºC, relative humidity max 90% non condensing, up to 35ºC
  • Storage: temperature limits; -45°C to 80°C.
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Model PSD1004
The Single Channel DIN Rail Intrinsically Safe Power Supply PSD1004, is an intrinsically safe module that can be installed in Hazardous Area zone 0, gas group IIB, temperature classification T4. Powered at about 12 VDC from the intrinsically safe associated apparatus PSD1001C supply module, it provides a stabilized 5V, 160 mA supply with 500V input/output isolation, short circuit and reverse input polarity protection, remote sensing capability and regulation.
1 channel I.S. power supply, provides input/output isolation and 5V, 160 mA regulated voltage. Typical application are to power intrinsically safe circuits implementing digital logic blocks, microcontroller operated peripherals like keyboards, encoders, logic solvers, LCD display units and transmitters.