GM International Contact-Proximity Output Repeater

GM International Contact-Proximity Output Repeater


Series D2000 Intrinsically Safe Multiplexing System consists of 1 to 4 Analog-Temperature Multiplexer Units model D2010, and up to 4 D2030 Digital Multiplexer Units, up to 12 Expander Units model D2011, mounted in Zone 0 Hazardous Area, Gas Group IIC T4, connected via a single/redundant 2 wire data communication/Supply line to a Modbus Interface Unit model D2050, mounted in Safe Area and connected to a PLC, DCS or PC

  • Input: Via D2050M dedicated bus.
  • Output: SPDT Contacts 2 Amp., 250V.
  • Temperature: Operating: -20ºC to 60ºC, Relative Humidity max 90% non condensing, up to 35ºC.
  • Storage: -40ºC to 80ºC.
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  • Model D2052M & D2053M
  • 32 Fully Isolated Channels
  • EMC according to EN50081-2, EN50082-2
  • High Reliability, SMD components
  • High Density, 32 channels per unit, 128 channels per system
  • Simplified installation using standard DIN Rail mounting Units
  • D2052 and D2053 are the same except for the kind of output. D2052 is Relay out and D2053 is Transistor Out