Flowmetrics FM Series Turbine Flowmeters

Flowmetrics FM Series Turbine Flowmeters


  • Calibration: NIST traceable calibrations are performed on the fluid being used in most cases and on a simulated blend in some cases.
  • Electrical Output: Magnetic pickup — 30 mv peak to peak at minimum linear rate
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FM Series Turbine Flowmeters provide exceptionally reliable digital outputs. These flowmeters are being used for a wide variety of liquid and gas flow sensing applications. FM Series meters range in size from 1/2 inch to 12 inches, offer a high turn‑down with minimum uncertainty and very repeatable output. The turbine flowmeter is ideal, if the liquid to be metered has a viscosity of 500 cst or less for 2 inch and larger flowmeter, and 200 cst for smaller than 2 inch flowmeter. The turbine flowmeter has a quick response time as the rotor has low inertia and is suitable for measuring fluctuating flow. For pulsating flow, digital readout should be used and the counting period should be long, compared with the frequency of the flow pulsations. If the flow is in the form of one jet, for example while measuring a short single discharge, the pulsing rate of the flowmeter should be high.Bearing wear is usually increased with pulsating flow.