DMA-Aero MPS46 Laboratory Air Data Test Set

DMA-Aero MPS46 Laboratory Air Data Test Set


  • Independent Ps and Pt control
  • Accuracy exceeds RVSM requirements
  • Height only 3.5″ x 19″ (2U) rack mount
  • Multiple line switching option
  • GPIB/RS232/USB ATE compatibility
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  • Automatic leak check
  • Controlled venting to ambient
  • Altitude/airspeed input*
  • Static/dynamic(Qc)/total pressure input*
  • Altitude/airspeed rates input*
  • Mach Number input*
  • EPR generation*
  • TAS/IAS toggle, TAS temperature correction*
  • Altitude offset correction
  • 30 user test programmed profiles of 26 steps each
  • Ultra low speed (2 to 200 kts) for improved accuracy and stability*
  • Audible indication when approaching set point
  • The MPS46P version includes internal pressure & vacuum pumps resulting in a totally self contained air data test set with no requirement for external pumps

Note: MPS46M offers only Static/Altitude functions