ACR Power Bullet Power/Energy Transducers

ACR Power Bullet Power/Energy Transducers


  • Measures Phase-to-Phase or Phase-to-Neutral – no phase wiring errors
  • Power Factor and kVAR can be determined using kVA demand version
  • Accurate Consumption can be determined from kWh version
  • Measure as low as 90VAC and as high as 630VAC
  • Protects investment by interfacing with legacy ACR Data Loggers
  • Compatible with the analog and digital inputs of other monitoring systems
  • Indicator lamp for live power applied
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The PowerBullet™ is a power and energy transducer designed for monitoring demand and consumption in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It is a line-powered, phase-to-phase unit with outputs compatible with the Voltage and Pulse inputs of most measurement systems. The transducer outputs directly proportional to kW/kVA for demand and kW/kWh for consumption. It takes into account Power Factor and True RMS Values. The PowerBullet uses a miniature Rogowski flexible split-core current transducer which makes it small enough to fit inside disconnect enclosures, breaker panels or distribution boxes. Wide Mouth Alligator clips make it easy to connect to the line voltage terminals without tools.
Power Demand and Energy Consumption differ in measurement modes in order to give the best accuracy. Peak demand is determined from instantaneous values, while total consumption is the accumulation of Power over time. The two product configurations take this into account, providing a clear choice for approaching Measurement and Verification (M&V) for the best inherent accuracy.