Pharmaceutical Testing: Creating a Controlled Environment?

Pharmaceutical Testing: Creating a Controlled Environment?

The pharmaceuticals industry is arguably the most regulated in this country, for good reason.  We rely on the goods produced by these organizations to keep us healthy, and in order for those drugs to work correctly, they must be reliable.

Part of that reliability is the expectation that the drugs will remain intact and effective at least until the printed expiration date.  In order to offer such a guarantee the pharmaceuticals testing companies must be able to witness the performance- and the changes in these medications when exposed to certain environmental factors.

Controlled rooms are essential in this industry, as the testing agencies attempt to determine what will happen to the pill or liquid when exposed to room temperatures, to high humidity levels, to frigid cold, or to excessive heat and sunlight.  By doing such testing, the pharmaceutical companies can provide worthwhile recommendations on proper storage, and can also provide an accurate expiration date for the medication.  Furthermore, they can determine which drugs are capable of withstanding brutal environmental conditions, like those that might be endured by military personnel, or high risk rescue missions.

In order to have a truly controlled environment, it is important to be able to control humidity, temperature, and air movement.  A PGC walk in room, is a parameter generated and controlled space, which provides this industry with the precision environments that they require for such testing.  The walk-in rooms provide ample space for the testing and recording of various medications in conditions specified by protocol.  The systems controlling the air conditions in the space are highly tuned, and can ensure exacting temperatures and desired humidity levels.  Meanwhile, the rooms are designed to prevent heat transfer between the testing space and the surrounding environment.

Understanding how medications perform in different environments allows us to have greater faith in the pills and liquids that can save our lives in an emergency, or maintain our health on a daily basis.