Optris Infrared Cameras an Inspection System for Coronavirus Detection

Optris Infrared Cameras an Inspection System for Coronavirus Detection

The coronavirus is transferred by sick people and contaminated objects.  Airplanes are one way that this virus has made it all around the world. Optris has specifically created a fever inspection system that can help prevent sick people from flying.

Virus Epidemics Over the Years

There have been several virus epidemics over the years, including the Swine Influenza in 2009 and the Ebola virus disease in 2014. This created a demand for a suitable screening technique that is a fast, non-contact detection of travelers with a potential fever.  Now with the Coronavirus spreading and the possibility of it appearing later in the year, it is critical to stop the spread with global flying.

How Do the IR Cameras and Software Work?

The software singles out the people whose skin temperature exceeds the pre-defined value. The visual alarm gives airport personnel the possibility to identify and isolate contaminated people from their co-travelers so that a medical examination can be done discretely. The temperature resolution of 0.1 C detects the smallest of temperature variances.

The software does have the possibility to take an automatic IR image snapshots when a person trips the alarm.  The system is password-protected to prevent unauthorized changes.

The Equipment

The system is easily portable for fast setup and relocation.  Another key point is that it only consists of 3 pieces of equipment and a software package.

  • Process imager Xi 400 – Optris Xi 400 camera is an advanced IR camera. It is indeed a compact size (can fit in an adult’s hand).  The 80 HZ frame rate allows for the monitoring of fast thermal processes, including a line-scan function.
  • USB Cable
  • Software Package Optris PIX Connect – The IR analysis software Optris PIX Connect sets benchmarks within the thermography by using extensive recording and real-time analysis options. The software also runs on a standard PC.
  • PC Laptop

About Optris

Optris has been serving the field of non-contact temperature measurement equipment.  They have been developing and continuously modifying and continuing product modifications to aid across a variety of industries.  They are specifically a manufacturer that specializes in this technology.

SRP Control Working with The Best Manufacturers

SRP Control carries a variety of Optris products including non-contact temperature measurement, infrared thermometers, thermal imagers, calibration stations, accessories, and more.  We specifically work with Optris to help provide you with the best products and services.  If you have questions about their products or any calibration needs, we can help.