SRP is now ISO17025 Accredited

SRP is now ISO17025 Accredited

ISO17025 Accredited SRP is pleased to announce we are now ISO17025 Accredited by CLAS.

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Our service department is capable of performing repairs, maintenance, testing and calibration on all products we sell.

Our facility offers state of the art equipment and spare parts. Trained technicians with many years experience are capable of providing efficient, reliable calibration and repairs.

SRP control systems pressure laboratory can provide calibration of air data test sets, deadweight testers, barometers, controllers, calibrators, indicators, transducers/transmitters and analog
pressure gauges.

Our laboratory can provide pressure calibration for:

Gas Absolute Pressure:

Vacuum to 400KPa (Accuracy up to: +/- 15PPM)

Gas Gauge Pressure:

0 to 10MPa (Accuracy up to: +/- 15PPM)

Oil Gauge Pressure:

.275MPa to 140MPa (Accuracy up to: +/- 30PPM)

Certification is provided traceable to NIST, NRC, PTB, TUV, BNM-LNE, NPL, and other International Standards.