New Systems Mean New Controls, and Improved Efficiency

New Systems Mean New Controls, and Improved Efficiency

Antiquated HVAC systems can be damaging in numerous ways.  Newer systems are more efficient – making them better for the environment and for the wallet.  Older systems can also be dangerous, if they are not operating correctly, or if sensors malfunction.  There are regularly stories in the news of fires and explosions resulting from faulty boilers.

Given this, it is not unusual for organizations and corporations to sign off on repairs and upgrades related to HVAC.  In the news recently was a story of a city that had made one such approval, on a rather large scale.  The police barracks and the fire station were two of the buildings that underwent an energy audit over the period of three months.  It was determined that the existing HVAC systems were out of date, running at poor efficiency, and costing the city far more to operate than a newer alternative would.

The city is currently raising money, through the sale of municipal bonds, to fund the replacement of the current HVAC systems.  Well over a million dollars will be invested in the project, but the payoff period was favorable, and it was an easy decision to make.

With the installation of updated HVAC equipment will also come the installation of updated controls. New pressure and temperature sensors will be installed to control HVAC equipment more efficiently. Such sensors will ensure that the system is operating at optimal settings, thereby saving the city money and prolonging the life of the new equipment.

The SRP Controls Company provides temperature and pressure sensing equipment that is specifically designed for new- and renovated HVAC systems. With updated controls, the customer can track and trend annual spending on utility uses and will see a drastic improvement in efficiency. PM schedules can be devised based on energy consumption data and simple paybacks from energy savings can be realized.  All of this can be done for this city, which will make everyone far more comfortable with the large investment.