Need To Test Products at Specific Temperatures and Humidity Levels?

Need To Test Products at Specific Temperatures and Humidity Levels?

Military troops marching, knee deep in the swamps, always feeling the risk of happening upon the enemy, want to know that the equipment they carry is trustworthy.  Lacking faith in such essentials could mean the difference between life and death.

Considering this, it is a bit easier to understand why the military require such intense testing before accepting ordered products.  These men and women need to know that, even when in 100 degree temperatures, when the air is heavy with moisture, as they push their bodies forward, that guns will fire properly, for instance.

We had a prospective client come in recently seeking a solution to a problem that relates to this.  He works in the precision manufacturing field, and knew that he could see a drastic growth within his organization if he could bid on military jobs.  However, in order to do so, he needed to be able to perform climate-controlled testing to ensure that all parts were to the exact specifications provided.  He had the testing equipment, he needed to have a space that could be dialed in to match the temperatures and humidity levels outlined in the specs sheets.

Precision conditioning units are essential for proper testing for exactly this reason.  There are specifications that materials must meet before they can be delivered for use by the military.  While you can’t be at the sites where these products will be used, you can recreate those conditions within the testing space, so proper and reliable testing can be done.

The PGC 100 – 200 CFM Conditioning unit is a perfect example of these systems, which manage humidity, dehumidification, heating and cooling.  Everything is controlled within the small space fed by these systems, so testing is reliable and worthy of the individuals on the receiving end of the product.