Need To Qualify For Military Grade Textile?

Need To Qualify For Military Grade Textile?

In a recent blog post, we wrote a bit about a customer who was seeking the ability to create a space adequate for the testing and measuring of parts for the military.  As mentioned then, the military is very precise when ordering materials.  You must remember that these men and women can be exposed to very harsh environments and must rely on the equipment that they carry.  It is a matter of life and death in some instances.

Just as that equipment is essential, so too are the clothes on their backs.  Whether traversing frozen earth through frigid temperatures, or devising strategies in the hottest, driest desserts of the world, military personnel must have clothing that can take the beating, while keeping them comfortable.

Many will recall that in war’s past, one of the most desired items from home was the dry sock.  Socks, when wet, left the feet exposed to dampness and the potential for frostbite or infection.  Thus, dry socks were essential.  Times have changed, but the need for reliable textiles among the military hasn’t.

If you are creating those fabrics or the clothing that will be worn by those individuals, you must know that it will withstand all the torture it will undoubtedly be subjected to.  For that reason, you must also rely on a conditioning unit.  In this case, the PGC 7024 Series Textile Conditioning Unit is a great example. Place the textile within the chamber, and it will acclimate it to the specified temperature and humidity desired within three minutes, often in as little as sixty seconds.  That means that testing can be performed properly and within a tight timeline.

With units like this PGC 7024, it is possible to duplicate many of the conditions that our soldiers will face as they work to keep this nation face.  You can feel good about the product that you have manufactured, and the military can feel secure in their investment.