Need Thermal Imaging During Manufacturing?

Need Thermal Imaging During Manufacturing?

Though there was some concern in the manufacturing industry in years past, there is new evidence to suggest that the work is coming back onshore, and that means more opportunity for those who are ready to take on a steady flow of jobs.

If you are in the manufacturing business, then you likely know how essential it is to control temperature during the process of steel extrusion.  Small variances can cause costly inconsistencies.  Therefore, the ability to track temperature changes at various stages of the extrusion is very beneficial.

The Optris PI thermal imager has helped numerous companies operating in the field of manufacturing.  The tough, portable imager makes it easy to maneuver the temperature sensor to the exact location that you prefer.  It can be applied via magnet, or set up on a tripod.  Either way, you wind up with accurate temperature readings along the line. The gauge will read temperatures, in highly exact intervals, between -4 and 1652 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today, technology makes it easier to track weak points in production, and this thermal imager is no exception.  USB plug-in allows for instance data transfer to your computer software.  You will receive, in addition to generalize data readings, image and video recordings. That means that you can graph or chart your temperature variations, and begin dialing in the process for the best possible results each and every time.

That type of control is what is earning Americans the work that was, for some time, shipped overseas.  Perhaps the initial cost is more for production, but many industries have learned the hard way, that cheap manufacturing often produces cheap products, which can ultimately cost companies much more over the long run.

You can keep your American manufacturing company ahead of the competition by using technology, like the Optric PI thermal imager to your advantage.