Mounting Solutions for a Submersible Wastewater Level Transmitters

Mounting Solutions for a Submersible Wastewater Level Transmitters

Mounting Solutions for a Submersible Wastewater Level Transmitter

PMC has been providing solutions for level measurement since 1963.  Their VersaLine transmitters are based on more than 30 years of design development to provide reliable products.  The VersaLine (VL) series creation is because of the demands of the long-term monitoring for groundwater and wastewater.

Factors to Consider Before Mounting

There are several ways that you can mount the VL2000 series Submersible Wastewater Level Transmitter into a lift station wet well or other level measurement applications.

Things to take into consideration is the access to the transmitter, access to the mounting, ease of replacement, ease of cleaning, the amount of turbulence or flow rate, geometry of the wet well, or tank bottom and structures, propensity for clogging or fouling, anticipation of a grease cap, and amount of sludge build-up.

Mounting for a Static Situation

In a static situation, there is very little turbulence or flow, the cable can easily suspend the transmitter.  This will require no mounting other than a cable hanger or clamp.  PMC has a Cable Hanger model, CH-10, that will work perfectly.

Stilling Well into a Wet Well or Tank Application

Another option is to install a stilling well into the wet well or tank.  The inside diameter of 3” to 6” is ideal for the stilling well.  Many stilling wells are simple PVC pipe with the top and bottom of the pipe left uncapped.  With the stilling well firmly in place, the transmitter is inserted into the stilling well such that the ceramic sensing element of the transmitter is either flush with the bottom of the pipe or slightly recessed into the wall.  This is ideal for turbulent applications.  Within certain situations, the stilling well will need to be flushed to prevent becoming plugged with sludge.

Threaded Connection for Turbulence

With a VL2133 configuration allows the user to mount the sensor using a ½” NPT conduit thread where the cable exits the transmitter housing.  The threaded connection can be used to secure the transmitter to a length of pipe to form a long rigid probe that can be mounted into the well or tank by clamping the top of the pipe.

The other option is to mount the transmitter using a bracket.  Either option will result in a solid mechanical mounting that is resistant to turbulence and heavy flow rates.

Using a Sinkweight

The most popular method of mounting is to use a sink weight.  The sink weight adds extra pounds of mass to the transmitter.  Simply mount the transmitter into the sink weight, attach a piece of chain or steel cable to the sink weight and lower it down into the wet well or tank.

The PMC SW2000 will firmly anchor the transmitter and prevent it from moving around the bottom.  Even in the most turbulent condition in a wet well, the transmitter remains fixed in place.

Exceptional Products and Services

SRP control systems is the sole distributor in Canada and work very closely with PMC to provide our customers with the best technology and products.  Let us help you in optimizing your equipment to fit your specific needs.