Major Heating Issues Cause Students and Faculty to Suffer

Major Heating Issues Cause Students and Faculty to Suffer

In an article we read recently, it was reported that a school system was facing major heating issues.  Several times over a recent span of time, the heating system experienced temporary shut downs.  In between these problems, many classrooms reported significant swings in temperature.

These issues are often a result of faulty temperature sensing equipment and controls.  The easiest way to approach a system failure like the one reported is to switch out all temperature sensing devices.  While this sort of overhaul isn’t always necessary, in this case the reports indicate a substantial problem, and the need for a quick, efficient solution.

It is only February, and these kids are going to be in school for another several months.  The heating system will likely be needed for at least February and March.  That is a long span of time during which the school cannot afford to be contending with drastic heat fluctuations in the classrooms.

From the sounds of the stories being told from local reports, the school’s heating system are in major disrepair and are going to require updating.  The facilities described include fan coil units, hot water fin tube radiation, air handling systems, and steam systems. All of these are controlled by temperature sensing equipment. So, if the temperature sensing controls are not operating correctly, all of those system elements are going to suffer. That means that the rooms’ temperatures are not going to be stabilized, and there is the risk of much more severe complications, which could ultimately result in the school having to close for a period of time.

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