Limited Space? Try The PMC Miniature Submersible Transmitter

Limited Space? Try The PMC Miniature Submersible Transmitter

Whether it’s a well, a pipe, or a bore hole, when space gets tight, you need a transmitter that can provide you with real results without the need for added space. The PMC MTM 3000 series fits the bill, offering you real power in smaller spaces and much more.

Designed For You

The MTM 3000 was designed specifically for depth and level measurements when the space just isn’t there. It may be a wastewater application, a sea water application, or even a groundwater application, but thanks to a diameter of just .39 inches, you get high levels of performance without the bulk. It ranges from 0-15, to 0-500 psi.


The last thing you want is to sacrifice quality and durability just because you want something fairly small, and the MTM 3000 fits the bill perfectly. A complete titanium housing and integral polyurethane cable means you get a reliable piece of equipment in a tiny package. Add that to the fact that it’s almost maintenance-free, and you have equipment you want to add to your toolbox now. It also comes with a 5 year corrosion warranty.


There are a number of accessories you can pair with this unit, including sink weights, cable hangers, and more to help add some versatility to the tool. No matter what you need, you can find the add-ons to help you get more done faster.

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