Is Your Boiler Hot Water System Performing Properly?

Is Your Boiler Hot Water System Performing Properly?

Heating season is knocking at the doors of many properties right now, and that means that many boilers will be doing double duty in the near future.  Those financially prepared will have the cost of operating those systems already budgeted for the year.  But what does one do when that budget is sorely out of line with the actual performance of the boiler?

A whole new system will undoubtedly be a big strain on the bank account, but that may not be necessary.  Very often, a poorly performing boiler can be attributed to faulty temperature sensors, the very same that is controlling the firing rates of the boiler.  A boiler that is firing too frequently is going to burn through more fuel, or more electricity trying to keep up with the demand of the sensor.

Because the existing temperature sensor in the system is likely the OEM model and has been there since the day the boiler was installed, it is very possible that it is no longer doing its job properly.  If that is the case, you will have to replace it, but you will probably find that the investment is worthwhile, quickly improving the boiler function, thereby reducing your energy bill.

That being said, it is important to choose a sensor that is going to last, so you don’t have to go through such upgrades again in the near future.  Choose something like the Ultra Electronics Spring Loaded RTD temperature sensor, which has an extended lifespan and is designed for installation in existing systems (or new applications).

With the right temperature sensor in place, you will likely see the boiler perform much better.  Better performance means reliable hot water and heat.  It also means that you can get back on budget and feel financially prepared once again.