Increasing HVAC System Efficiency Before Heating Season

Increasing HVAC System Efficiency Before Heating Season

As much of the country is actively preparing for the new season and the cooler temperatures ahead, there is an abundance of information being supplied to those who want to improve their HVAC systems for better efficiency during the heating season.  One such article provided three tips for improved system efficiency, including having the system properly inspected and measured for potential weak points.  It is further recommended that the entire system be evaluated, rather than one specific part or component.  The final recommendation is to have a continued plan in place to ensure that maximum efficiency is maintained.

In this article about optimizing an HVAC system, one of the most emphasized points is to have the proper measurement devices in place. These devices come in the form of pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors. Pressure transmitters are placed in the suction and discharge piping of hot and chilled water systems to provide feedback to motor controllers.

Air moving devices are also controlled using pressure transmitters. These transmitters provide feedback to fan motor controllers that speed up or slow down fan speeds based on heating and cooling demands.

Temperature sensors located in spaces that are occupied during the day but are unoccupied at night have programmable setback functions, saving heating and cooling cost during unoccupied times.

All of these specialized temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors can be purchased at SRP controls group. With the proper controls in place, the system will only operate when needing, thereby reducing unnecessary energy usage.  That means a more efficient system and less money spent on heating.  In short, if you really want to improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems, then you have to consider the best controls and sensors and how they can operate with your existing setup.  The investment today can save you a great deal this year, and for many years to come.