Increase HVAC Business by Promoting AC Sensors and Controls

Increase HVAC Business by Promoting AC Sensors and Controls

The shoulder months are upon us and that means that a lot of HVAC companies throughout the country have already begun to feel the pinch of the slow season.  However, this is also a great time to start working on your plan or approach to doing more air conditioning business this year.

Obviously, for the HVAC company, the ideal situation would be for consumers to pay for a full replacement (or new install) of air conditioning systems.  You can encourage the installation of new systems by advertising the best and more efficient systems on the market.  Offer a discount on installation costs for those who place their orders during the shoulder months.  Offer to waive the cost of temporary repairs to existing systems if the consumer orders a new replacement now.  Create a reasonable and affordable care plan that you can offer as an add on for those customers replacing AC systems.

However, you don’t have to rely on full replacements to fund your HVAC company in the warm months.  You can also build up your business by promoting sensors, controls, and service plans.

One of the best door-to-door (or cold call) services that you can offer this time of the year is cooling system inspections.  This can provide the customer peace of mind that the cooling will work when it is most needed.  It also provides you the opportunity to discuss improved efficiency.  There are many temperature and humidity sensors or controls that can be retrofit on existing systems to increase efficiency and improve the systems’ ability to maintain a comfortable environment.  With these updated systems come the associated energy savings. With the right control scheme a system can operate less, while maintaining comfortable occupied environments.

Armed with the right knowledge, you can easily convince a customer to invest a small amount today to save much more throughout the length of the cooling season.